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Questions with most interest for users can be found in the menu of frequently asked questions First, look through the content of the FAQ if you happen to have any questions regarding the portal. It might happen that the question has already beed asked. If you need further information on any of the questions or have other questions, please contact us:

The editors of KOPI

Why is it impossible to send my message?

In the menu "send messages" on page "messages" messages cannot be sent without addressee or registration. Please, check spelling first.

The warning appears in a pop up window, which can be deactivated in certain browsers. If you don't get an error message, allow the pop up window to the following web address:

Two documentums have been compared without resulting in similarity.

The plagiarism-search is adjusted to indicate twenty-word similarity. More sensitive adjustment may end up with showing similarity in documents with proverbs, or collocations in them. Too many false detections would make it more difficult to find valid similarity in documents.

In case you wish to have further information on the system the following urls might be of great help:

How many plagiarism search is allowed for a user?

Plagiarism search using the KOPI system is based on various quota settings. Registered users can launch 10 plagiarism search per day or per month free of charge. If needed, more search can be granted under contractual terms. More information on contracting: