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KOPI - The best choice for searching translated plagiarism



Plagiarism search

The system is able to compare documents uploaded by the user with each other or with the ones found in the database(uploaded by others). Also, we plan to create a digital library or an on-line document collection as part of the database. The system can detect a paragraph long overlapping in the documents.

Besides these services the portal familiarises the visitor with the corresponding laws and regulations, and gives the opportunity to exchange ideas on related topics.


First, the documents have to be uploaded, then the ones to be compared have to be selected. After selection the form of plagiarism-search has to be defined. These forms are as follows:

  • documents to be compared to each other
  • to my documents
  • to other users' documents
  • to Internet database.

The search begins according to the selected form, which the user is informed about in a message.

Possible users

The plagiarism-search demo is available to non-registered users. It aims to familiarise them with the system.

If you wish to have further information on the services provided, please read the information under the heading "Plagiarism-search"