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KOPI - The best choice for searching translated plagiarism


Plagiarism search

Short description of plagiarism seach

uploaded, then the ones to be compared have to be chosen. After deciding on the type of plagiarism search has to be selected from the following:

  • documents compared to each other
  • documents compared to other users documents
  • with Internet database.


The search tarts based on the type selected, of which users are informed by mail.

The above folder provides the following services:

  • uploading of new document
  • my documents
  • plagiarism search
  • searches started


Users may upload the files from any computers or drives. Authors and titles of the files can also be added.

Documents's types can be as follows: html, doc, docx, rtf, odt and pdf (and the zipped collection of these)

Giving the titles and authors of the documents may help you later in arrangements.
Misunderstandings can be avoided with giving the authors of the documents with the same title.
to upload documents click on "Browsing", then select the file searching for.
to upload documents click on "Browsing", then select the file searching for.

My documents

Users have to upload the documents, then choose the ones to be compared

The documents uploaded can be found in the "Mydocuments" folder with the properties given.

The following properties can be defined: title, author, date, publisher, visibility of the document, remark, language, date of publishing, keywords, abstract.

Basic properties

With the checkboxes in the first column you may choose which documents to be compared. More documents from more sites can be selected at once.
The title may help you later in arrangement.
Giving the author misunderstandings might be avoided in case of similar titles of different documents.
Date of upload.
If you are interested in the details of the documents properties, you may make it visible with this button.
If you wish to hide the detailed properties, please click on this button.
With clicking on "cancel" the properties are not recorded, the user gets back to the previous interface.
With clicking on "apply" the properties of the documents uploaded are recorded.
With clicking on "edit" the properties may become visible. In case the properties given are incorrect, users may modify it with selecting the "Edit" button

Detailed description

The user may give the publisher of the document.
All users can see this document
With this parameter users can have access to the documents and use them when making plagiarism search.
Only I can see this document
With this parameter users cannot have access to the documents.
Remark can be added to the document, which may contain information on the document's properties or description.
You may indicate the language of the document.
Year of creation
Date of publishing of the document can be added.
Users may give keywords to help in search.
Abstract or summary of the document can also be added.
With the arrow you may navigate between the documents as follows:
<<    Skip to the first document
<      Skip to the previous document
>      Skip to the next document
>>    Skip to the last document.


You may make filter as follows:

  • title
  • author
  • date of upload

Filter on
to activate filter click on, "Filter on".
Filter off
to inactivate filter click on a "filteroff"
Write part of the title of the document here.
To specify the search you may give the author.
You may search according to the date of upload.
To make filter type in the document's title. it does not necessarily have to be the complete title in case you do not know it.
The author has to be typed if known.
Indicates the time of upload.
in case you wish to exclude documents form the search, delete it from the list.

Running searches

Messages sent for the searches started can be viewed in this folder

The messages has different coloures depending when the search began.

The current ones are yellow, the ones sent within a week are green, and the ones exceeding a week are blue.

Searches started may be deleted.