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Registration page 1/3

The services of the portal is available only for registered participants. While registering the user should provide the username, the e-mail address and the password. The password is to be repeated so as to avoid mistyping and improper recording of the password.

If you wish to use the services of the chat room, you must choose a username/nickname, which is to be seen by he other users.
To log in, please give the password. For safety reasons it has to be the minimum of eight characters containing capital letters and numbers as well. To provide the password is obligatory.
Password again
This field checks whether the typed password is appropriate. Give the same password you had typed previously. Reconfirmation of the password is obligatory.
Your email address
type your e-mail address. to validate your registration you have to send back the letter received from the portal. To be identified you must give your e-mail addresss and password when logging in. To fill in th field is obligatory.

Registration page 2/3


it is possible to adjust some information that might be helpful with further usage.

Subscribe to KOPI newsletter
In case you wish to receive our monthly newsletter, please tick the checkbox.
Documents by default
It is possible to adjust here who is entitled to view the contents of your documents. Please choose from the combobox.
Number of documents displayed on one page
You may give the number of documents to be shown on the Documents page.
Use right click help
Click on the checkbox if you wish to activate the right click for the Help. It helps the users to have information what the menu, the button or checkbox are exactly used for simply with clicking with the right mouse button. To deactivate this service, please hold the Ctrl key pushed. Until it's pushed the original function of the right click is available.

Personal details

you may give your personal data here, which is however compulsory. It gives us information on the group of users and the possible needs.

Full name
You may find your full name here.(eg. Kovács János).
you may give your profession here.(eg. doctor, cab driver, etc.).
Workplace / Company
you may give the data of your workplace here.(eg. Balatontavasi Egyetem, H-9932 Balatontavas, Kossuth u. 5.).
You may give your telephone number here. (eg. +36 1 279-6204).
Visible to other users
Click on the checkbox, if you allow other users to view your personal data. it might be useful to get in contact with other users.


You may give your personal data here.

Where do you access the internet from?
you may give here the place of using the internet from. (workplace, school, home, etc.).
you may give the country here. Please, choose it from the combobox.
You may give your place of living here. (eg. Budapest).
Give your sex here. Please, choose from the combo box.
Year of birth
You may give he birth of year here.
you may write your qualifications here.

Registration page 3/3

by the time you reached his page, the system has forwarded you the letter with the activation code.

The user has to type the code afer checking the e-mail address and typing the password.

Resend my activisaton code
in case you cannot find your activation code, please click on "Resend my activisaton code" which sends the code to the e-mail address had been given earlier.
The following message panel will appear:
" Activation code sent"
Send my password
in case you forgot your activation code, please click on "Send my password" which sends the code to the e-mail address had been given earlier.
The following message panel will appear:
"Password sent"
Your email address
The e-mail address provided earlier will appear in this fieald automatically.
Type your password here to validate your application.
Activation code
Please, type the activation code received here.
Finish registration
By clicking on "Registration finished" the registration is validated.