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User settings

Below "Properties" tab you can give or reach your data and options.

User data

You may give the user data here, though it is compulsory, it would greatly help our work. A third party cannot have access to your data provided.

Visible to other users
Except for the user name it\is up to your choice whether third parties may view your data. When selecting the checkbox near your data, you allow the data to be viewed by others.
You may give the nickname to log in, and also which services you need. You cannot change the nickname later on.
Email address
You may give your e-mail address here (eg. If you wish to receive the result of plagiarism search in e-mail as well, please click on 'Send my messages to this address'.
You may change your password here. Please, give the new password, then repeat the previous one twice.
Full name
Ebben a mezőben adhatja meg a teljes nevét (pl. Kovács János).
You may give your profession hereb (ie. doctor, cab driver, etc).
Workplace / Company
You may give the address of your workplce here (eg. Balatontavasi Egyetem, H-9932 Balatontavas, Kossuth u. 5.).
You may give your telephone number here(eg. +36 1 279-6204).


you may add the properties you choose for yourself here, eg. if you wish to receive our newsletter.

Subscribe to KOPI newsletter
In case you wish you receive our monthly newsletter click on the checkbox.
Documents by default
You may choose whether you allow the others to view your documents or not when uploaded. With 'Visible to all users' all the people can view it, with 'Only I can see them'only you have access to the document.
Number of documents displayed on one page
May specify how many documents should appear at the same time on the Documents page.
Auto login from this computer
Selecting checkbox your log in to the portal will be automatically done.
Use right click help
Click on the checkbox if you wish to activate the right click to the Help service. It helps the users to have information what the menu, the button or checkbox are exactly used for simply with clicking with the right mouse button. To deactivate this service, please hold the Ctrl key pushed. Until it's pushed the original function of the right click is available.
In case you updated your properties, please click on 'Update'button. Both buttons refer to the whole site.